Vidjagame Apocalypse

Has it really been 125 years already? Another Thanksgivukkah is nearly upon us, once again merging Thanksgiving with the first night of Hanukkah in an explosion of festive confusion! This week, we spend plenty of time talking about the Xbox One launch (as well as your favorite launch games of all time), but not before discussing our five favorite turkeys in gaming and performing the most amateurish Thanksgivukkah skit we could slap together at the last minute.

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We're stuck between launches as of this writing, with the PS4 (theoretically) in stores and the Xbox One poised to give us a slightly different version of the events of last Friday. What an exciting time to be alive, and what a perfect time to tick off the five best console launch games ever! (OK, seven. We  cheated on the last one.) In the second segment, we talk about our experiences with the new systems and their launch games, after which we go over your picks for the game that defined the last generation.

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In just a few days as of this posting, the PlayStation 4 will be a thing you can buy, bringing about the first major generational shift for consoles since the release of the Xbox 360 eight years ago. With "next-gen" about to become "current-gen," and "current-gen" poised to become another fond memory for gamers to get nostalgic about in a decade or so, we've dedicated the first half of this show to five games that may not have been the best or even most important, but that -- for better or worse -- defined the 360/PS3/Wii generation. And, sure, there's also some talk about the PS4's launch library, Call of Duty: Ghosts resolutions, and whether any of you are buying Activision's flagship shooter this year.

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This week is Call of Duty week, with CoD: Ghosts hitting store shelves ahead of its next-gen launches, but let's ignore that for the first half of the show. Instead, we'll talk about our favorite heroes over 40, then chat with Bob "bobservo" Mackey of Retronauts fame about Typing of the Dead: Overkill, and discuss what you all did for Halloween.

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