Vidjagame Apocalypse

A few weeks ago, we passed the 26th anniversary of the Sega Saturn's deeply weird US launch, so as a belated celebration, Greg Moore joins us to talk about five of the best games that never made it stateside for Sega's wildly underrated 32-bit console. Then we'll jump into Biomutant, Knockout City, rumors of a Final Fantasy Soulslike, and the children's stories you think should get a bit darker.

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Well, here it is, episode 420 - but we already did games that let you smoke pot 311 episodes ago! So instead, let's look at celebrities who've appeared in videogames and now have their own (legal!) cannabis brands, with help from PNB's TL Foster. Then it's on to Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, eBay banning sales of AO-rated games, and the ways our listeners are related to fame.

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Resident Evil Village has its hooks firmly into the whole crew this week, so let's invite's Mike Williams back on to talk about it (and Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Wrath of the Druids DLC) a whole bunch more! We also keep the Resident Evil theme going this week with a look at five standout zombie games from before the first RE debuted, after which we grouse about PS5 shortages, recoil at Yoko Taro's ideas for Monster Hunter, and hear about your favorite (if not fond) Blockbuster Video memories.

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Resident Evil Village is out, and the rampantly fetishized Lady Dimitrescu joins the hallowed ranks of Resident Evil's iconic, nigh-indestructible "stalker" enemies. So let's kick off this week's show with five of the most memorable pursuers from Resident Evils past, and then invite's Mike Williams to tell us about his experience reviewing Village. Then we'll talk Returnal, get into sordid details from the Epic v. Apple lawsuit, and hear about your dream Mortal Kombat guest characters.

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