Vidjagame Apocalypse

It's time for our seventh annual end-of-year show, in which we invite a rotating panel of guests to help us count down our top 10 games of the year! This year's show clocks in at just under 4 hours(!), and features appearances from Chris "Cbake" Baker, Carolyn Petit, Greg Moore, Steve Guntli, TL Foster, Leif Johnson, Kayla Zumbaum, and Jorge Albor! Join us, why don't you?

Here's a quick cheat sheet with timestamps, if you want to jump around and hear which games made the list:

0:04:10: #10 (w/ Leif Johnson, Jorge Albor)
0:18:51: #9 (Kayla Zumbaum, TL Foster
0:39:32: #8 (Leif Johnson, Jorge Albor)
1:05:21: #7 (Steve Guntli)
1:21:48: #6 (Greg Moore, TL Foster)
1:36:24: #5 (Chris Baker, Carolyn Petit)
1:56:40: #4 (Steve Guntli, John Brandon)
2:14:54: #3 (Just Chris, Matt, and Mikel)
2:34:18: #2 (Carolyn Petit)
2:56:32: #1 (Greg Moore, Steve Guntli, TL Foster)

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Who says 2D's dead? The year-end cavalcade continues as we take a look at five of our favorite retro-styled games to arrive this year, with help from Steve Guntli and Woody Ciskowski of Ultra 64! Then it's on to Wattam, news from the Game Awards, a new Xbox, and your favorite new characters of 2019.

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2019 has been a great year for new and original games, and it's introduced a ton of new characters to the gaming canon. This week, Leif Johnson of joins us to talk about five (OK, six [OK, seven]) new characters whose antics this year left us wanting to see more. Then it's on to MechWarrior 5, SuperMash, Nintendo Direct and Sony State of Play (we'll talk about the Game Awards next week), and the games that convinced you to get a PlayStation.

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PlayStation turned 25 this week! To celebrate, we invited PNB Podcast's TL Foster and Kayla Zumbaum to join us for a dive into the past and a look at five much-loved PSOne exclusives that never made the jump to later generations. Then we'll take a quick look at Phoenix Point, get wistful about the return of Toys 'R' Us, and hear about the games you crowdfunded and loved.

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