Vidjagame Apocalypse

This week saw the return of Saints Row after a nine-year hiatus (or five, if you count Agents of Mayhem), so we're honoring its hero's journey from so-so GTA-like to ridiculous fantasy with a Top 5 about game series that ran out of fucks and to embraced absurdity. Then TL Foster joins us to talk about not just the new Saints Row but Midnight Fight Express, Gamescom announcements, and your favorite fictional sports.

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Madden’s out this week, but it’s been a big week for games about made-up sports as well, what with Rollerdrome and Rumbleverse busting onto the scene with their improbable competitions. So let’s take a look at five other games entirely about sports that would be difficult if not impossible to re-create in real life, after which we’ll get into Cult of the Lamb, NFL Blitz getting a censored Arcade1Up release, and the games you’ve restarted the most without ever finishing.

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Light-gun games have all but disappeared from relevance, but there was a time when they were everywhere — and in those days, it was possible for some real gems to be overlooked. Dan Amrich joins us for a look back at five light-gun shooters that deserve another, closer look, after which we'll get into Pac-Man live-action movie news, EVO 2022 announcements, Splatoon 3 reveals, and your all-time favorite videogame weapons.

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With this week's release of Frogun and its titular talking weapon, we welcome back Tony Wilson of Framework for a chat about five of our other favorite talking implements of destruction. Then it's on to Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Hooked on You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim, Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors, and your favorite videogame villains to play as.

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