Vidjagame Apocalypse

This year isn't quite finished, but Vidjagame Apocalypse is until January 7, so here's an extra-long countdown of the VGA regulars' 10 favorite games of 2013! After that, we touch on the meager crop of year-end new releases and discuss your picks for the worst game of the year (oh, and apologies in advance for the ear-splitting raccoon chorus. No, we've never heard of Autotune).

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As the wheezing beast that is 2013 enters its final weeks of life, we've come roaring back from hiatus with our Top 5 protagonists who went villain for the sequel, a little bit of talk about new releases (including the somewhat surprising Gran Turismo 6), and a very special musical performance by The Raccoon that he swore to kill us over if we ever let it see the light of day. Then we talk about what you were planning to play over Thanksgiving (or comparable holiday), sure.

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